Tools for Self-Massage

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Tools for Self-Massage
There are a variety of tools for self-massage available, depending on your needs, budget, and preferences. If you read our blog about the different types of foam rollers, you would already know about this tool, so I won’t include them in this list.


Self-massage is convenient and affordable because you will have access the tool and use it when needed. The tools should last you a while and can be used in conjunction with your therapy sessions if you have them. Nonetheless, having a tool is handy and knowing what tools are available to you can help you make your choice when buying one.


In addition to foam rollers, here are some other tools that can be used for self-massage:


Knobble It Thumb Massage Tool – £7.19 (~USD$10) from Physique Management

Knobble It Thumb Massage Tool Knobble It Thumb Massage Tool In Use











This small tool will help focus the pressure into a smaller pressure point which will help when you want to exert extra pressure in a specific spot. You can save your thumb from pain with this tool.


ExaFit Massage Stick – £8.39 (~USD$12) from Physique Management

ExaFit Massage Stick

Watch the video below to see how this is used! It looks like dough roller but buying an actual massage stick would give you a better massage experience. Massage sticks have some flexibility to help distribute the pressure onto the muscles efficiently, and will not put too much friction on the skin.

RockBalls – £13.50 (~USD$18) from Physique Management


Similar to foam rollers, these help target smaller areas. You would use these the same way as you would with the rollers. Simply use your body weight on the ball to apply pressure to the muscle.











Hot Stone and Heater Kits – £125.99 (~USD$170) from Physique Management

Hot Stone and Heater Kits


For your at-home spa experience, consider getting some hot stones! They are great for helping your muscles relax because of the added heat.












Thumper Verve– £133.01 (~USD$180) from Physique Management


If you prefer electric hand-held massagers, consider the Thumper Verve. The Thumper Verve has one massager head that can help get into small problem areas if you need it.













These tools are not meant for replacing your current physical therapy sessions, because they still have some limitations as to what they can do. But they can help a lot! Do you have any self-massage tools that are not on this list? Let us know!

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