What makes muscles grow?

Feb 22, 2021 by

Did you know: humans have over 600 muscles in the body! These include the muscles you can feel in your arms and legs, as well as muscles deep inside your body, like the one that keeps your heart beating and those that help you digest food. We use our muscles all the time – whether we are picking something up, opening a door, or even just sitting up in our chair; we are using our muscles to move and also keep our body balanced. How you treat your muscles on a daily basis affects each individual muscle and it determines whether or not that muscle would wither or grow.

How do your muscles grow?

Muscle size increases when a person continually challenges the muscles to deal with higher levels of resistance or weight. This can be achieved with weights and weight-related gym equipment. The growth process is known as muscle hypertrophy.

Muscle hypertrophy occurs when the fibres of the muscles sustain damage or injury. The body repairs damaged fibres by fusing them, which increases the mass and size of the muscles!

So how do your muscles work together to achieve your movement tasks? You can find the answer and learn more about muscles in the video below!

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